It's a visual culture, yes it is!

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    Design Based On Reality

Strategy. Creative. Technology. 

Your creative production partner

We are a full-service digital development and production company. An innovative digital studio, turning ideas, strategy and IP into campaigns, film, content, products, code and platforms.

Our aim is to visualize ideas, engage, entertain and inform. Therefore, we balance technology, creativity and problem solving competences. We avoid the ordinary and form virtual and digital environments out of fascinating stories leading to exceptional realizations.

Although technology is not the message (it’s just the vehicle), today’s products and technologies change in such a fast manner, that it’s important to be wide awake and keep up with the development. We believe that interdisciplinary is key. In fact there are no limiting factors to our creative work. Our flexibility and love for experimental solutions create opportunities and increase our range of services every day.

From concept...

it starts with a vision.

We bring the strategic, conceptual and executional craftsmanship that it takes to drive almost any campaign, from initial concept design all the way to post production. It kicks off with an inspiring idea and leads to a unique digital approach to draw in and satisfy your target audience. This is our daily business. And it comes in all shapes and sizes.

...to creation

...to creation

everything is possible.

We have the tendency to ask “what if”, to thrive on challenges and we have the resources to help brands with thoughtful, integrated, and highly successful print, Audio, visuals or complete digital campaigns.

Our Mission

The ARTFABRIK opened its doors for the first time in 2006 in Innsbruck. We believe an inspiring and innovative environment, that encourages community and collaboration, leads to excellence as well as success.

We are acutely focused on meeting the needs of our customers, varying from entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams to established businesses. Our clients come from numerous industries, including fashion, media, technology, finance, law and design – indeed, there are no boundaries to the diversity of the type of customer we serve.

Not being a sector-specific studio allows us to use a disruptive approach for any project. Solving problems with clarity, simplicity & honesty, we deliver innovative work and ideas through digital products and services.

When creativity is paired with business requirements and technical capability, anything can be created. We are definitely 'Not Your Average AD Agency'. Of course a lot of agencies claim that, so be sure to stop by at our work page and decide for yourself.