Achievement unlocked! A wet boy's dream came true when an American post production company called us unexpectedly and asked if we could help out with 3D animations for an upcoming blockbuster at short notice. "Definitely, when can we start" was our answer, even before we made an offer. What should we do? I mean ... Marvel!!

Our task was to create the animations of Venom at the first contact with a human being. All 3D models as well as the complete look-development came from us. The animations were created by our good friend Jakob Christensen - he only used manual key-frame animation!

What a story! What a gig ^^

Imagine this:

The producer, who was responsible for digital graphic design, animations, programming & production for video playback, gave us a free hand and we were allowed to be really creative. We are so proud!! And we don't have to tell anyone that only about 10 seconds of animation made it into the final movie.

We find - even if you don't like aliens - our contribution makes paying a visit worth it.

Just kiddin' - Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson are also worth watching. And so are the mind blowing special effect and VFX-shots that Sony has produced ^^