Cobots from Universal Robots

are enabling business growth in companies of all sizes.

We recently had the honour of partnering with Universal Robots (UR), the World’s #1 Collaborative Robot Manufacturer. UR is investigating immersive experiences to redefine parts of their business, recruiting, trai­ning, main­ten­ance and repairs. 

We were asked to create a VR experience give their customers a life-size demonstration of Robot skills - anytime, anywhere. This application should also demonstrate their clients and employees the wide field of applications.

First date

We produced 360-films and designed 3D worlds. The goal was to present the products and services in a compelling way.

You can view the VR experience via cardboard or smartphone, tablet and PC.

We think that robots are pretty much the coolest tools we can imagine.

As part of the collaboration, we were even allowed to travel to Copenhagen and see the headquarters and the heart of the production - yay!!!!