Stubai Tourism Assoziation

Real Snow

This year’s winter commercial for Stubai Valley was produced by our friends at Hafzoo Ltd. The proved and tested Team DOP Stefan Krösbacher and director Andreas Hafele asked us to realize the pack shot – an animated version of the recent print subject.


Our CG-team was asked to transform the print forms into an animated movie-sequence. So we had to deal with lots of data: large, high resolution heightfield, mesh-data, texture and normal maps.
We built the whole Stubai valley, planted some CG-trees in front of the camera and created the particle simulations for the snow in the foreground.

Terrain creation

The terrains are extracted from digital elevation models (DEM). Those data sets are representations of a terrain's surface, either available as vector data or raster- / image-formats, usually with an accuracy from 5 to 10 m.