Timeless Journey

The story of a timeless sparkle

This digital fairy tale practically forms another chamber of curiosities at the end of the Crystal Worlds exhibition.

The story goes something like this: Once… in a small valley, surrounded by huge mountains, a little sparkle was born… a sparkle that grew and got bigger and bigger in time… until it became… a timeless sparkle! Welcome to a glittering world, full of wonder and surprise.
A world where technology transforms into glamourous Fashion, extraordinary Jewelry and stunning performances.

The legendary rise of Swarovski crystal is a success story spanning more than one hundred years, and encompassing lifestyle, fashion, close personal collaborations with artists, and technological evolution. 

We concentrated on the beginnings of the success story and came up with a townhouse with different rooms and a lab. That's where it all started. So choose a room and let us take you back in time on an inspiring journey to the very beginning of a remarkable invention that enriched the word with its sparkle.



Adding that extra little something

Through the magic of pencils and coffee develop we have created this charming scientist who, after numerous iterations and design changes, has done justice to all artistic inputs - from our clients as well as our own.

After the modeling phase and texturing process we hand-animated the walkcycle and all the other animations.

Finally, the scientist was prepared for real-time graphics and landed in the Unreal engine.

Virtual environments

The townhouse - where it all started.

Each room in the house stands for a particular episode in the history of the family business or a special piece of jewellery.

Virtual environments

The laboratory

In the laboratory, which is furnished in detail, one meets the scientist. He is working hard to fuse physics, chemistry and a touch of magic to exciting new products which expand the fascinating word of crystals … products that brings glamour to the world.

The cigar room

While in the other rooms one encounters magical stories and adventurous figures, the pictures of the cigar room tell us something about the numerous patents that have been applied for over the years. A map illustrates the distribution of the company.

His greatness: Mr. Simon Costin

Born in London, the set designer studied theater design and art history at the Wimbledon School of Art and then worked with leading luxury brands such as Hermès, Gucci, Bulgari, and Fabergé. Simon Costin’s works can be found in numerous exhibitions, including in such notable places as the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Dear Simon, we were honored to work with you!

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