• Teheran Tabu

    Breaking taboos

  • Teheran Tabu

    Breaking taboos


This animated social drama tells the stories of young people in today's Teheran, a city of prohibitions and doctrines.

Pari, a single mom, can only feed her five year old son by working as a prostitute. After a one-night-stand Babak faces the reality of having to finance a 'virginity-operation' for Donya, while Sara is living the traditional Iranian life of an obedient housewife together with her husband and his parents.

When all of their lives start to collide, they will change drastically.

We supervised the shoot and combined several elements in post-production:

  • full CG crowd sims
  • traffic simulations
  • character animations

Animated Cat

We were also responsible for the animated animals – primary the synthetic cat-character that has a prominent part in the movie.

Special credits belong to Oswin Neumann - you rock ^^

Traffic Simulations

The ARTFABRIK CG-team had to create the car traffic flows on the roads and off-roads for several shots. We had to build a flexible cars setup that substantially accelerates preparation of scenes for the simulation of the traffic movement. 

Each car had to be customized, whether it was the adjustment of the suspension bracket or the style of driving. There were many motorcycles involved too.

AI Setup

Have a look at the main Traffic-Scenery


Crowd Simulations

Once we had a huge variety of Arabic looking people modelled and rigged we converted them to agents driven by a defined logic. We made them follow distinct routes and behave like programmed based on about 30 unique motion samples.