Reconstruction of inscriptions

You name it, we'll capture it!

We desperately need to have amazing digital contents for a wide range of applications, from content creation for the film industry to 3D prototyping-models and also for virtual reality to go mainstream.

So what about if we are able to capture the real world? Have a look at some of our capture methods and the resulting assets that will allow you to bring the real world into your application.

We're about to create an extensive library of all the sets, heritage locations, vehicles and building facades, including props and complicated environments, reducing overall modeling time & at the same time increasing accuracy and realism.

No matter the scale, we build all sorts of different sets, props, vehicles and environments and have the experience to get it done right the first time.

Reality Captured Assets

A valuable collection to our digital set database are selective portions of the Dougga set. We were able to detach several antique objects.

Multiple deliverables

One can license data-sets like this including raw scans, HDRi Images, backplates and much more. The deliverables are mutable. E.g. the resolution can be increased for films and decreased for games.