• AAA-Contents

    get the most out of your digital assets

  • AAA-Contents

    get the most out of your digital assets

3D Assets for VR, AR, real-time and game developers

Cashing in on the Digital Asset

Within the realm of videogames, often the beautifully rendered, expansive environments or fantastically realistic leading characters stole the realtime counterparts the show. But not any longer!

The real-time models in our library are GPU-friendly, flow easily into popular engines, and can be interacted with in real-time - and are really looking gorgeous!

You’re looking for 3D models for video game development with the right poly-count in the right formats for your application? We’re confident you’ll find the perfect models for your video game, virtual reality, or augmented reality project. 

They're catching up, aren't they ^^

VFX-Assets for Realtime Graphics

During the last years we got more and more involved with realtime applications. So we started to adapt our assets - sets, vehicles, rooms, interiors, props, and buildings and much more - for those needs.

The conversion involves:

  • Create a blockout, high- & ,ow-poly model
  • UV unwrapping
  • Texture creation & Utility map baking
  • Fine-tune texture maps

Roman Weapons

Roman Soldier Armor & Aquila

Reality Captured Assets

Lidar enables our artists to create highly detailed, accurate models in a rather short amount of time when compared to other modelling methods. In the gaming industry this can be used for a number of purposes.

It will allow the quick and precise creation of whole environments. It can also be used to recreate every undulation in a race track, giving the gamer the most accurate reproduction of their favourite circuit.

Since a picture paints a thousand words you better check out a collection of our reality capture assets here.