Reality Capture Studio

more than creating images

For both props and actors that need to be created or enhanced with visual effects, our photogrammetry studio offers a quick solution to gathering a 3D volume of their shape. This is the perfect preparation for starting the design process.

Photogrammetry works by finding reference points on the surface of the subject, these include things as small as skin pores and the weave on a t shirt or trousers, if the subject is wearing clothes with very little or no surface detail then they will not scan well. Examples of this would be silk, tight plastic or rubber jump suits, shiny reflective surfaces on shoes, boots of backpacks.

After the process of texture blending, based on a properly unwrapped UV layout, the rig gives some amazing results and allows super crisp high res textures.

Unparalleled detail

We work hard to bring our computer-generated imaging to the next level with cutting-edge 3D head and body scanning technology and services. Our 3D Photogrammetry rig enables us to capture full color 360 degree scans and surface textures of actors, actresses and models, objects and places.

The system’s accuracy is at about 0.1 mm – what is a lot.

Horses for courses

Be sure to check out our manifold technical possibilities that range from LIDAR scanning to photogrammetry to the classical VFX portfolio of shooting reference photos and establishing material captures.