Light bulb

Let there be light

This time a light is on us. And the same several times!

From an idea for a stock footage project, we immediately made publicity on our own behalf and derived this smart campaign.

The idea behind the subject is that you can visualize any object, which signals that a light comes up, in the light bulb.


Typically, we barely build graphics for stock platforms.

Perhaps we should however nevertheless some time plan to publish funny ideas, which are not realizable with photos and / or film.

Other subjects & animated version:

Admittedly, as you can easily see, we have fallen in love with the subject. 

If you like the idea and you need a similar graphics, do not hesitate to write us. We would be more than happy to help!

CG animations can be used in websites, as title animation before films, as logo animations and much more.
There is no limit to creativity!