Let's Bowl

Welcome to the VR party!

Congratulations to Anton, Alex and Phil who intiated this masterpiece! You guys rock!

Let's Bowl is an amazing bowling game for virtual reality with realistic physics and cool graphics. It's a great way to surprise your friends and have fun with the company playing a classic bowling game without leaving your home. The physical model of this game is very detailed. It simulates the real ballistics of bowling ball. So you can throw the ball over a complex envelope trajectory for best results, just like professionals do. 

Be a part of the Bowling History starting with the end of the 19th century through different times up until present! Enjoy the game in a variety of bowling clubs from different cities around the world! Play, win, earn rewards and achievements, share your progress with your friends and of course collect your unique professional bowling outfit!

Current version contains:

  • Core gameplay features are finished;
  • Arcade game mode is ready to play;
  • Gameplay is smooth and well polished;
  • You can play bowling in 18 clubs from 5 cities!


Right away there are 7 locations available now. But there will be 18 locations in total soon. They all look awesome and unique.
Whether you wanna play in an old school 70's style bowling alley or relax inside a mansion under a chandelier.

There's so many. Assess yourself:


FlatPlace is a stylish, light-flooded 4-lane bowling club. The bowling alley is in perfect condition, but it was newly renovated only a few years ago.

We think here the light setup was particularly successful and the textures feel so realistic.

What do you all mean?

Upperclass' finest

The finest bowling club of the Upper-class opens its doors thanks to VR. 

Nevertheless, good manners and table manners are welcome!

Get the VR experience on steam here!

Check out here: http://store.steampowered.com

It's App 680950 called - you might have guessed: Lets_Bowl_VR

Get the VR experience on steam here!

Mission Bowling Club

Town Hall