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Our clients asked us to translate our offline Contents online. It was a consequential step from there to producing websites and online ads.

We still practice these traditional digital skills but our portfolio now spans cutting-edge app design, data driven configurations, interactive augmented- and virtual reality experiences and much more.

6.1. Digital Signage

6.1. Digital Signage

creating intelligent, dynamic and interactive solutions

Digital signage elements triggers emotions and deliver improved customer experiences by providing tailored, engaging communication. They support the sales process by promoting products and services, enhancing the customer-journey and helping shoppers in their decision process.

Digital communication is a basic building-block of intelligent retail environments. Screens, video walls, shelf displays and tablets bring the shop to life and enable dynamic and targeted information and messaging.


You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas? Well, that’s called Digital Signage. 

Digital Signage is used typically to inform or advertise. There are major benefits for digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content remotely. Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience!

Touch Terminals

(Multi-) touch presentations are an innovation that captures the attention of your audience.

The users explore and interact with your visual content, in a much more fun and intuitive way. This turns your presentations - complex 3D data to high quality 2D product catalogues, casual games and company presentations - into unique and memorable experiences.

guidance systems

Over the past few years we have carried out some guidance systems using either GPS or proximity technologies. We detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalized experiences.

6.2. Content Construction Kit

Add hotspots to anything

Our toolkit handles a wide variety of different media and adds an interactive layer. You then decide what your so called tags or hotspots should do for your audience: display an overlay, add to wish-list, change the story, show more information or link somewhere.

6.2. Content Construction Kit

Rewrite your stories.

Our interactive department is developing unique tools for online content distribution. Special software developments allow new and individual media concepts to visualize a wide range of different services.

Users are individuals and want to be treated as such. The web is moving to a very personalized medium. Users will continue to find value in custom, targeted content. More and more, you’re going to see content tailored to your interests

Also the shoppers growing expectations, the user’s appetite for interactive visuals in their shopping and purchase paths have to be met.

We deliver engaging experiences by connecting networks of mobile devices, websites and Internet-connected devices with digital signs & kiosks in both public and private environments. Therefore we provide the platform to easily create and centrally manage deployment of experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions.

6.3. Computer Games

6.3. Computer Games

real-time computer graphics

When one reads Interactive Entertainments the first thing that comes into most of our minds are computer games. That's also how our brains work ^^

We combine all of the ingredients a full-service game design and development company needs, so engaging with realtime computer graphics was just a logical step.

We do many different categories or genres of games:

  • Sports
  • Endless-Runner
  • Jump & Run
  • First Person Shooter
  • Educational & Transformational
  • Puzzle & Quiz