Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen

Digital Signage System

Done! We’re proud to present an absolute highlight of a project: the Digital Signage Installation we did in line with the Nordkettenbahnen Media-Project.

highly specialized, yet flexible & versatile

The project demanded manifold channels and outputs. So we developed a tailor made application that is capable for this multi-platform distribution.

The Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen Betriebs GmbH wanted to provide its guests with extended concierge and information services. In addition to a successful balance of information and emotion, the guests will be given an orientation aid on the mountain, to the respective tourist offers.
The individual chapters to the respective stations also show centrally collected information and dynamic live content.


We staged the athletes, who conquer the mountain with skis or ride the steep trails with the downhill bike during summer time. In other film parts the guest is shown the immediate proximity of the high-alpine scenario ("The Mountain in the City").

Stress tested application:

We also did:

ARTFABRIK was responsible for the conception, the design-phase, programming, the creation of all contents - film parts & 3D / CGI - as well as the choreography of the Digital Signage Solution (cinematic).