Nordkette 3D Map

a photorealistic match

As an alternative to topographic maps and traditional mountain panoramas we designed those computer generated representation of the area around the Innsbrucker Nordkette, a famous tourist destinations and one of the steepest skiing areas of the world.

Our client wanted us to deliver true-to-life maps and therefore extremely readable - easy to navigate even for not trained guests. They wanted us to balance informationn and emotion and (geo-) reference their offers and products.


Realistic 3D maps make searching for information a fun online experience. Instantly and intuitively understand mountain landscapes, terrain features, possible routes and safety considerations with precision.

The backcountry

Our product also provides destinations with a new platform and tools to advertise their offers with.

Have a look at the interactive version here.

The ridge

The Karwendel is the largest mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps. The major part belongs to the Austrian federal state of Tyrol, while the adjacent area in the north is part of Bavaria.

This ridge shows the boarder between the urban and the rural part.

Making Of

Our devices provide exceptional point cloud to mesh accuracy as well as the best possible pixel to point registration. The system error factor is about 0.3 millimeters (about 0.012 inch) on a distance of 10 meters, which is incredible.

Of course we are not able to visualize the full data-set so we're constantly working on the best possible ratio, the trade-off between quality and performance.

Photogrammetry & LIDAR

Although our deliveries can be used across many industries with different fields of applications, our company is specialized in capturing reality for integration into films and 3D-animations, like the examples shown above.

Future prospects & continuative projects

The next step of the project could be a navigation system / routing app that guides the users on the mountain.

Explore more about the reality capture assets here.