• Remarkable, isn't it.

    M-BOX's viusals & ARTFABRIK preproduction

  • Best dome projection ever

    ... based on a LIDAR scan

International Motor Show (IAA)

Reality Capture for Projection Mappings

The IAA Cars is a superlative event every time. At the IAA Cars 2015 around 1,100 exhibitors from 39 countries presented their innovations on an area of 230,000 square meters. With 219 world premieres, it again enhanced its position as the leading international trade show for mobility.
In all, nearly 932,000 visitors flooded onto the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt am Main.

The Matrix Club was a new format for Audi to introduce to the new A4. They built a showroom a bit separated from the trade fair.
This temporary space was accessible 24 hours a day, transitioning every 12 hours between a futuristic store and a trendy nightclub. 

M-BOX's phenomenal visuals

All credits for the unique visuals belong to the Berlin company m-box. Unbelievable, what you have conjured from our LIDAR model!

What we did

In order to transform the glass dome cover of the completely remodeled, former Postbank headquarters into a generative and sound-reactive, central spatial light sculpture the building had to be dimensioned and captured very precisely. 

The ARTFABRIK-LIDAR-department went out for an as-built-survey. We took several LIDAR-scans and reconstructed the dome cover. 

M-box needed the dome cover that had a diameter of approx. 12 meters to be retopoed within a sub-centimeter accuracy.

The delivered models turned out to be pixel perfect! Let's check it out by yourself:

Multiple output formats

Whether the output format is a simple inventory, more complex views or even a 3D model, thanks to our scanning process, we can efficiently deliver the desired files.

Anyone who has ever had to create a drilldown plan knows how valuable this technology can be.