• Virtual Reality Application

    Thanks to Axel & Judith Milberg

  • Virtual Reality Application

    Thanks to Axel & Judith Milberg 

  • Virtual Reality Application

    Thanks to Axel & Judith Milberg 

HVB Art Experience

This is not a living room

We are particularly proud to present the brand-new VR Experience of Hypo Vereinsbank, a subsidiary of Unicredit. The project is not an ordinary virtual tour of an ordinary bank branch. No, it is a excursion into a modern art collection, almost a kind of museum.

The protagonists, the Milberg family, are particularly dedicated to the project. Axel Milberg has been the German Tatort commissioner for many years and, together with his wife Judith, are the absolute best-known and true personalities.

Shooting with an absolute Greatness

The shooting day in the bank was planned incredibly compact due to logistical circumstances, but thanks to the fantastic Milbergs we were able to complete the program perfectly.

Have a look at the final result here.

Multi-Channel & -Devices

Regardless of which terminal you want to enjoy the VR-Art Experience of Hypo Vereinsbank on, we have spared no effort to create the best possible prerequisite. To this end, we have created a system that allows to distribute the same dynamic content that is maintained over a CMS via different channels.

The customers of HVB can enjoy our application on a desktop PC, on a tablet or mobile phone, using a cardboard or as a native app on Samsung Gear VR.

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