Croslake - Marin 7.5

Don't fall into the water!

The idea of paddling is not falling into the water ^^

Our friends at Croslake always say: “Stand Up Paddling is easy if you have a CrosLake. Our boards are stable on the water because they are so wide.”


We got entrusted with the visualization of their new high-tech paddle “The Marin”.

It has a newly developed 7.5 inch wide blade. It is characterized by an excellent pressure build-up in the water. The paddle is super-light with 550 grams and yet very stiff. Marin paddles are equipped with a flattening on the shaft of the handlebar as anti-twist device. Marin paddles are delivered in a high quality bag.

Quite a few USPs, don’t you think.

We also did some high resolution renderings for different print subjects: