• Computer Generated Imagery

    Visualization, Animation & VFX

  • Computer Generated Imagery

    Visualization, Animation & VFX

  • Computer Generated Imagery

    Visualization, Animation & VFX

  • Computer Generated Imagery

    Visualization, Animation & VFX

2.1. Visualization & Animation

We tell your story with little to no words.

Our team has tackled a wide variety of products in every shape and size, and enjoy the challenge of recreating objects as digital models. The 3D artworks can be used in a variety of media, from producing photorealistic images and animations to 3D printing replicas. They help communicate complex processes to your audience.

We specialized in several styles and designs, ranging from photo-realistic visuals to a conceptual look.

We Bring your visions to life

Whether your game or marketing assets are taking a photorealistic, painterly approach or clean graphic style, our CGI Departments is ready at the helm with tools such as ZBrush, Maya and Cinema 4d - just to name a few of them - in it's tool kit.

Manifold Deliverables:

Architectural Renderings

Our architecture work includes exterior and interior 3D visualization. We also offer our clients the ability to create photo-realistic simulations that best-demonstrate their products. Together with our clients we team up to ensure the execution of creative ideas, aligned with the clients’ message and strategy.

Product Visualizations & Automotive

With 3d product visualizations and animations, manufacturers can create high-definition product shots for any media – brochures, websites or presentations. Models can be tweaked, re-coloured, re-used and adapted to suit a range of marketing needs – creating unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings.

CGI expands creative horizons - virtually there are hardly any limits to the possibilities. Everything that is conceivable in the mind’s eye, can be visualized with CGI. That fact comes in handy if the cars that have to be shown don't exist yet.


For the past 10 years, we’ve worked with many brands and agencies to create CG-animations of many kinds. We do everything from idea, concept art, storyboards, animatic, animation, modeling, render, to composition and more.

  1. Camera-Animations
  2. Animated Product Visualizations
  3. Character- / Croud Simulations

2.2. Visual Effects (VFX)

making things brighter at the end

Visual Effects, if they are done well, are not obvious. At their best they work to further the story being told, becoming an integral part of what makes us willing to spend disbelief. VFX are tools for the filmmaker that open up an almost unlimited range of stories that can be told on film. Locations, time periods, sets, props, and even the characters can all be changed or rendered from based on the captured datasets.

We know when we see a film depicting fantasy places or characters, distant planets or creatures – such places or people don‘t really exist – but we believe in them nonetheless. VFX at their most powerful seamlessly combine different aspects of the story in each frame, in essence packing ever more story into the scene.

What we offer:

Modern visual effects productions rely heavily on computer-generated imagery for the creation of synthetic elements that will be combined with live-action photography.

(On-Set-) VFX-Supervision:

The blend of „real world“ cinematography and computer graphics necessitates a tight integration between the set and post-production.

  • Data acquisition
  • Object- & Camera-Tracking
  • Light- & Reflection-Probes
  • SFX-Coordination

Previsualization and visual development:

We do previsualizations as part of the collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences predominantly using cg animation tools and virtual environment.

Our previz or pitchviz illustrate the potential of a project before it has been fully funded. These sequences are conceptual, to be refined or replaced during preproduction.


The textbook says: Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. And that's what we do.

  • Matte paintings & Set Extensions
  • Rotoscoping
  • Object- & Camera-Tracking
  • Mastering the final phase of a VFX production.