“Never work with animals or children,” is advice that Hollywood would probably love to follow, were it not for the fact that most movies require both to one degree or another. Films like The Jungle Book, or the recent revival of the Planet of the Apes franchise, have the benefit of massive budgets and large teams of animators to work on piecing together digital animals instead of flesh-and-blood live performers.

When it comes to short animations or still images we are also able to produce CG 3D animals that will satisfy the needs of advertisements or static scenes. Be sure to stop by our other CGI work pages and keep us honest.


The animal characters are rendered amazingly, down to distinctive details such as the scars on the crow's muzzle e.g.

We mastered:

  1. CG hair & fur
  2. realistic materials and textures
  3. HDRI lighting

Whether CGI animals will ever fully come to replace live animal performers is another matter, however. While exotic creatures like lions and tigers and apes may be easier to animate than to tame, using domesticated animals such as dogs, cats and horses is still altogether more practical than trying to create CGI versions of them.