Product Visualizations

Modern awnings are more than just a piece of fabric – they are a design element, an important influential factor on interior climate and ambience, as well as a tool for energy saving.

Due to the fact that those awnings are not easy to put together just for a photo-shooting - our friends at Bremetall asked us to visualize their whole range of products.

With 3d product visualizations and animations, manufacturers can create high-definition product shots for any media – brochures, websites or presentations.

Have a look at the interactive version here.


We did several different light-setups, composed the product visualizations against photographed backplates and did some high key studio light settings.

Some whiteroom-renderings

a versatile approach

Models can be tweaked, re-colored, re-used and adapted to suit a range of marketing needs – creating unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings.

Interactive visualizations encourage users to explore complex scenarios in compelling ways. At ARTFABRIK, we deliver custom-made interactive projects for clients all over the world. We strive to find the best way to showcase any product.

Check out the interactive view at the Bremetall Demo house here.