Berghotel Sexten

Miniature Worlds

Quite recently director Clemens Purner was instructed to shoot a corporate video for the Berghotel Sexten, a versatile, tranquil and cosy place in the Dolomites.

Together with some of wildruf's artists we put the lovely miniature worlds together.

Olique but charming

Berghotel Sexten enchants the viewer with an unusual advertising film. In a charming way, we will give you an insight into the varied range of the region.

What we did

There were a lot of green- as well as bluescreens that had to be replaced.

We did set extensions, polished the original backplates, enriched the analog sceneries with particles and some fluid effects are involved as well.

We fixed it in the post

You wouldn't believe how many things were done in post ^^

About Rotomonkeys & Chromakeys

We think that one can feel the energy and all the hard work that was put into every single shot of this corporate movie.

The whole turned out pretty darn good, don't you think so?