Discover the additional features of an (almost) ordinary autograph card

By simply pulling up the app and pointing the mobile devices toward the printed autograph card, the app shows different 3D models of the athlete.
On one page you can discover the athlete in causal look and learn more about the sponsors and outfitters. On the other side you’ll see the athlete in action.

The digital doubles are so high-resolution that you can zoom in to just a few centimeters.
There is also information about the individual player profiles, including a short bio and a list of his successes available.

Let's talk about Michael Hayböck

The second athlete of the Austrian Jumping Federation for whom we have programmed an app is Michael Hayböck. Michael is a team and even room colleague of Stefan Kraft. 

Michael took his first World cup win on Jauary 6th 2015 in Bischofshofen. This was the key moment of his career.



In spite of the stress of preparation and the packed competition calendar of the two Austrian top athletes, we were able to welcome the two athletes in our studio for a longer session. Several outfits and a multitude of poses and combinations were thoroughly recorded in our Photoscan-Rig.

Afterwards, reference material for the movement sequences was shot with our motion capture system and highspeed recordings.

The day was crowded - but everyone was obviously having fun and ambitious. Thank you all for taking the time!

Let’s place the super highres virtual model next to yourself!


We mastered:

  1. (Photo-) scan the athletes 
  2. Generate realistic materials and textures
  3. Place 3D model in AR space

Augmented reality holds a magic bullet ...

... in terms of triggering interest in people. It will change the way we communicate! This applies to practically every industry and almost every sector. We believe that AR will change many businesses and is going to improve the way we teach and learn.

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