Apple - Watchfaces

Timelapse Video

As part of an international team Christoph Malin was hired as DP to produce perfect, seamless 24hr timelapses, used as watchfaces for the Apple Watch. Consulting on the Hardware development, as well for the timelapse processing and grading pipeline until the rotoscoping stage. specially modified T-Bots were used for this production that took place in 2014 in Los Angeles and several worldwide locations for almost a year.


The TimeLapse background displays a 24-hour looping animation on your Watch Face. The theme is tweakable and can be a famous city or a beautiful location. Practically the speed-up frames, unfolding on your wearables screen, display a popular view from the selected city, according to the actual time. If it’s night you can admire the city lights, in the morning you can admire the sunrise and so on.