Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys

Feel what it’s like to (almost) stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your stars!

In autumn 2018, a few days before the beginning of the so successful season of the Alpenvolleys, we had the honour to welcome the top players of the team in our studio.
We measured the players in our Photoscan-Rig and recorded reference material of the striking motion sequences for the animation of several moves.



The final result will be an app that will use 3D, but above all Augmented Reality (AR), to introduce the players but also to showcase the sport itself, the rules of the game to introduce the sport to a wider public.

Well, we don't use this word lightly, but this is epic!


The Photoscan-system is just a perfect solution for creating ultra realistic base models with blend shapes for characters – humans and fantasy chars.

The raw scan data speeds up the process of creating high realistic 3D models a lot. Remember, the alternative of creating something of that level of detail and quality from scratch would take an experienced artist at least two or three weeks or even an entire month.

Briefly on the sporting background:

Hypo Tirol AlpenVolleys Haching is a men's volleyball team that plays in the German Bundesliga.

In October 2016, the Volleyball Bundesliga (VBL) announced that the 2017/18 season would see the first wildcard for Germany's top league. TSV Unterhaching had won the DVV Cup four times between 2009 and 2013 and was runner-up three times in the German league, before the club withdrew from the first league in 2014 for financial reasons following the withdrawal of its main sponsor. 

With the wildcard rule the Hachinger showed interest in a return. In order to meet the requirements, they entered into a cooperation with the Hypo Tirol Volleyball Team Innsbruck. The team from Innsbruck had won the Austrian championship ten times in the past years and were looking for new ways in view of the lack of competition in their home country.

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A FRONT ROW SEAT AT THE VERY HEART OF THE VIRTUAL SHOW: https://artfabrik.at/virtual-reality.html