Landesforst iTree

Studying Material about Environmental Consciousness

One of the most endearing projects in our studio’s history knocked on our doors late 2015. The folk from Landesforst Tirol asked us to realize a touch-application that illustrates the age of a remarkable old conifer tree to school children. After the first concept meetings the project started to grow. All people involved felt the potential and decided to take the opportunity and expand the campaign quite a bit.

The initial goal included two main chapters. One that teaches children more about forestry and a second that introduces the users to the wildlife in and around the Lechtal national park.

Forestry chapters

The central point and heart of the whole application is built around the manifold knowledge about the living environment forest. There are so many different topics to teach the pupils. And believe us - we've learned a lot too.


The histography is an interactive timeline that spans across more than 600 years of Tirolean history. Toni Knittel is the voice-over. His performance is a real smash.

You have to check it out!

Some striking references:

We ultimately choose to create the forestry-knowledge-base setting as a 2 1/2 - 3D environments.

Another example of a chapter:

How to:

Those images are actual chapters of our unique and intuitive touch-application. Our interaction design team reduced the control elements to the absolute bare minimum. It's so easy to use and a great fun to play around with!

ALMAJURI's world

Dive into our EDUTAINMENT-adventure

Rather than relying on the traditional approach of digital matte paintings or creating a full cg scenery, this technique made it possible to produce more than twenty chapters and dynamically fill them based on our in-house content management system.

Next to lighting, rendering, compositing and grading, we were responsible for the programming work that was needed to make the interactive experience possible.