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*make-header*Headquarter & Studio

Founded in 2007, we are focused on delivering real passion. Therefore we created ARTFABRIK's studio right at our homebase Innsbruck, Tirol.

Today, ARTFABRIK's headquarter is a manifold creative spot. The versatile studio can accommodate almost any type of production.

Ferdinand Weyrer Straße 9/3
6020 Innsbruck

Mo. to Fr.: 9am - 6pm

+43 (0)512-214010

+43 (0)512-214010-10


*make-header*Office Vienna

An important branch office is well positioned in Austria's capital Vienna. Although most of our folks are positioned in Innsbruck, we're happy to welcome you in Vienna too.

Siebenbrunnengasse 32-9
1050 Vienna

On appointment only

+43 (0)650 9996020

+43 (0)650 7420267



Artfabrik folk

*make-header*Matthias Hosp *start-sup*Mag.*end-sup*

The creative mind and ARTFABRIK's operational engine with a tendency to ask "what if".

*make-mail-icon* matthias.hosp@artfabrik.at
*make-linkedin-icon* matthias-hosp-66ab4681
*make-mobile-icon*+43 (0)650 9996020

*make-header*Harald Köll

The artist whos skills exeed a sketchbook and 3D. Harry is also the one who is counting the pennies.

*make-mail-icon* harald.koell@artfabrik.at
*make-linkedin-icon* harald-koell-146b6362
*make-mobile-icon*+43 (0)650 7420267

*make-header*Joël van den Hoven *start-sup*B.A.T.*end-sup*

Joël dreams of an island. More precisely, he dreams of his island. That's why he is the working-machine in the Interactive, Web-production and VR/AR departments.

*make-mail-icon* joel.vandenhoven@artfabrik.at
*make-mobile-icon*+43 (0)660 1577963

*make-header*Patrick Meraner

Give him a photo- or videocamera and he'll show you how it is done, before you can even blink. Patrick is our steady rock when it comes to 'getting things done'.

*make-mail-icon* patrick.meraner@artfabrik.at

*make-header*Martin Kohlert

What happens when you put an extremely talented artist into a creative relaxed environment? You will constantly receive wonderful fascinating results.


*make-mail-icon* martin.kohlert@artfabrik.at

*make-header*Philipp Mildenberger

At first sight it might seem Philipp primarily comes into the office for pizza. Thankfully this is not the case, because in the end he solves practically every programming task. Besides, nobody types faster than him.

*make-mail-icon* philipp.mildenberger@artfabrik.at

*make-header*Stefan Spiss

Steve is the new secret weapon in our development team. Only where he parks his laptop is something to discuss ^^

*make-mail-icon* stefan.spiss@artfabrik.at


Alex is a real guru in the field of 3D modeling, (game-level-) environment design and animation.

He also has a lot of experience developing modern games and already worked on plenty of projects with engines such as Cryengine3 and UDK.


Anton is creating sketches and 3D models without breaking a sweat. He is a very talented 2D artist as well as a top notch designer in general - no matter if you ask him for level designs, environment sketches or even full character developments.

Furthermore he is an integral part of our 3D department.

*make-header*Christoph Malin

Our Expert with international renown knowledge in long term timelapse and post pro, be it for science or commercial clients. He gave the word 'timelapse' a whole new meaning.

Christoph loves to hang out under dark skies in deserts and on mountain tops and it seems that he can sleep only if cameras click all night. 

*make-mail-icon* christoph.malin@artfabrik.at

*make-header*Bettina Meraner

Bettina is the backbone of the company in terms of finances and accounting. In spite of us creative chaotic people she manages to keep the overview. Chapeau! 

*make-mail-icon* bettina.meraner@artfabrik.at


A subsidiary of:


Andreas Juen

The mastermind of the code. 'Unstable' does not appear in his vocabulary.

*make-mail-icon* andreas@informatik.tirol

*make-header*ARTFABRIK GmbH

Headquarter Innsbruck

Feel free to contact our crew members through phone, mail or skype.

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